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Keynote Speakers

Ana Reyes

Ana Reyes Menéndez

Post-doctoral Research stays in Universidade Portucalense, Universidade do Algarve and RCC at Harvard University. Tenured Professor at Rey juan Carlos University. Expert in “Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Related Technologies” in the European Parliament (Employment and Social Affairs Committee).

António Azevedo

António Azevedo

His primary research topics are tourism marketing, place marketing, destination branding, celebrity branding, advertising processing, and marketing strategy amongst others.  He has published several articles in international academic journals and international conferences. He is also researcher of the Lab2PT Investigation Unit – Laboratory of Landscape, Heritage and Territory (University of Minho).

Cândido Alberto Gomes1

Cândido Alberto Gomes

Professor of Education and Director of the Research, Innovation and Development Center at Higher Education Institute of Fafe (Portugal), Founder and Honorary Member of UNESCO Chair of Education, Youth and Society.



Susan J. Gilbertz

Currently working on an update of the Yellowstone River Cultural Inventory. Published recenttly the book “Bringing Sustainability to the Ground Level: Competing Demands in the Yellowstone River Valley”. Professional Interests: River systems as human, biological and physical systems. Other Interests: Environmental pragmatism, water rights and water sharing, environmental management, and environmental policy development.