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Publication of Submitted Papers

Manuscripts accepted  in ISPGAYA23 international congress  are included in a Springer Nature edition dedicated to the congress, entitled «Digital Sustainability: Inclusion and Transformation».  Previous edition of the event is published by Springer and available here.

Publishing Partnerships:

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Registration Note

Contributions will only be published in the ISPGAYA International Congress on Digital Sustainability: Inclusion and Transformation proceedings if at least one of the authors of the paper is registered before July 21st, 2023 (in person or virtually).
One author registration can cover a maximum of 2 papers.
Members of the scientific committee of the event are exempt from registration fee.
Participants covered by institutional partnerships are exempt from 80% of the registration fee.
PALOP participants may request an exemption from payment of fees (Angola, Cape Vert, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, São Tomé e Príncipe).
  In-Person participants  Virtual participants 
Registration fees:  excl. VAT /  with 23% VAT  excl. VAT /  with 23% VAT 
Early registration: Until July 20th, 2023  240€ / 295€  190€ / 234€ 
Standard registration: From September 30th 2023 290€ / 357€  240€ / 295€ 
Late registration: After October 15th, 2023  350€ / 431€  300€ / 369€ 
Individuals or institutions within EU member countries will not be charged 23% VAT if they can provide a VAT number registered in the VAT Information Exchange System (VIES) of the European Union. The VAT number can be submitted during the online registration process.  Individuals or institutions from Portugal or NON-EU member countries will be charged 23% VAT. 
Abstract Submission Deadline June 30th – 2023
July 15th – 2023
Notification of Acceptance/Rejection July 8th -2023
July 16th – 2023
Manuscript Submission July 15th – 2023
July 24th – 2023
Manuscript preliminary result July 15th -2023
July 31st – 2023
Registration deadline for Authors July 31st – 2023
September 15st – 2023
Final Paper Submission Deadline September 1st – 2023
Manuscript Results September 15th – 2023
Final Program October 20th – 2023
Conference Dates October 26th and 27th – 2023
IBAN PT50 0033 0000 4537 6710 3870 5  
Invoice CEP – Cooperativa de ensino politécnico, crl. 
NIPC/NIF:  501 962 433 
Send proof photo or pdf + invoicing data (name and tax identification number)
Indicate the reference number and titles of manuscripts
Send by e-mail to the address: congress@ispgaya.pt
Receipt of payment sent by email
In-Person Participants: Oral and Poster Authors & General Public
Virtual Participants & General Public
Publication in the conference proceedings of up to two accepted papers per registered person.
Admission to all oral sessions (8-9 parallel sessions with audiovisual equipment, computers, projectors, screens, microphones, wifi connection, etc.)
Admission to poster sessions.
Participation certificate
Author certificates
Presentation certificate