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Keynote Speakers

Cecilia M. V. B. Almeida

Full Professor at ICET (Institute of Exact and Technological Sciences) and Post-Graduation Program in Production Engineering at Universidade Paulista since 2000. She develops research in Cleaner Production and Industrial Ecology, where concepts, tools and techniques are assessed for the calculation of environmental and sustainability indicators. She also works as a researcher at LaPROMA (Laboratory of Production and Environment) of the Paulista University, and is an active member of the Advances in Cleaner Production Network.  Cecilia is Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Cleaner Production and Cleaner and Responsible Consumption.


Tamara Gajic

Tamara Gajić

Tamara has participated in several international scientific meetings and has worked on various projects related to tourism study programs in Serbia. She is a reviewer for multiple academic journals, a member of the International Board of the CTTH conference, and a member of the Scientific Council of the Geographical Institute, Jovan Cvijić, SASA.