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Keynote Speakers

António Miguel Castro

António Miguel Castro, born in Vila Nova de Gaia, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the University of Porto, a Postgraduate degree in Renewable Energy, and is an ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems Auditor.
He also completed an executive program in Management at Nova School of Business and Economics. Currently pursuing a Master’s in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Nova School of Business and Economics.

He co-founded startups in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and smart cities, later serving as CEO. With over 12 years of dedication, he specialized in business development, technology, sustainability, and smart cities. He currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Gaiurb, EM, since November 2019, and as President of Inovagaia – Centro de Incubação de Base Tecnológica de Vila Nova de Gaia, since October 2020.

He was also President of Régie Cooperativa GaiaFuturo from 2020 to 2021 and holds positions on the Council of Fiscal at the Portuguese Municipal Housing Association and the Advisory Board of BuildingSmart Portugal.

Joana Moreira

With a Master in Design from ESAD Matosinhos and postgraduate in Product and Service Innovation at Porto Design Factory and Sustainable Management Program at Porto Business School.
She taught teams in innovation programs in Germany and Finland, which involved several universities (Stanford Univeristy, Swinburne University, University of St. Gallen, and many more) and large companies (SAP, Xylem, Sonae MC, among others) around the world.
Creative by nature, Designer by training and Innovator by passion.
Joana is a Portuguese who likes to travel the world and aims to help building a better one! She has collaborated with different organizations such as Mindshake, Homa Design and Porto Business School on topics related to Design Thinking, Innovation and Sustainability.

Nuno Mateus Coelho

 He is the CEO of NRMC.PT and serves as the CISO and DPO in important national organizations. He is the author of several works and scientific articles in Computer Security and is accredited by the European Commission as a specialist in information and IT security projects. Nuno has been a speaker at events such as TED, IEEE, and the Web Summit Lisbon. In 2021, he won the Incyber Innovation competition in the “Best European Research” category in Computer Security, with a notable project called Vent2Life, which recovered two hundred units of hospital ventilators during the COVID crisis.


Rodrigo Lobo

and co-owner, partner, and Executive Director of Tecnodata Educacional,
an independent educational publishing company, and Tese Technology, a geo-technologies company, both based in Brazil. Rodrigo’s experience was primarily as general manager, strategy, and marketing manager. He has worked in more than 20 countries and has lived for six months or more in Brazil, The United States, England, Spain, and Argentina. Rodrigo is fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese

Rodrigo is currently full-time business faculty at Montana State University, Billings, where he teaches Strategy and Entrepreneurship. His research stream is on innovation management, technology forecasting, and corporate strategy. Rodrigo holds a PhD from Positivo University in Brazil, and formerly was PhD visiting research scholar at Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley. In addition, he holds an MBA in International Management from Baldwin Wallace University, and graduate degrees in GIS and Marketing.


Tamara Gajic

Tamara Gajić

Tamara has participated in several international scientific meetings and has worked on various projects related to tourism study programs in Serbia. She is a reviewer for multiple academic journals, a member of the International Board of the CTTH conference, and a member of the Scientific Council of the Geographical Institute, Jovan Cvijić, SASA.